Through our trunk show program we received a lot of requests for three 16 inch strands of the same gemstone round beads. After questioning our customers, we discovered that there was a growing interest in mala necklaces and this compelled us to design an exclusive line of mala strands.  We started this line with a small batch of 8mm gemstone round beads and have expanded it to include 15+ popular gemstones, most available in two sizes, either 6 or 8 millimeters, and in matte or smooth finishes.  Our strands feature 115 beads so that you have plenty to make a traditional 108 bead mala, and a few extras to make a bracelet or earrings that match!  This is a product we are super excited to bring to our customers and they have been a huge hit so far.

The traditional mala was first created in India around 3,000 years ago and has roots in Hinduism and Buddhism.  Malas are strung beads that are typically used in meditation. Similar to a Rosary, they are used as a tool to help keep count of mantras, and act as a guide to keep the user centered and focused in their meditation practice.  We found in our research that many religions use beaded jewelry during prayer and for ceremonial purposes, making it a very symbolic and meaningful accessory.  These necklaces have recently had a resurgence in fashion along with the long necklace trend.  Some people simply accessorize with them, but others still use them for prayer or worry beads. They can be used as part of a yoga practice and if made with gemstones they can even have balancing and healing qualities. 

We are also excited to add to our line a complete supply kit with everything you need to make your own gorgeous mala, with the exception of the tools, and any counter or focal beads you might want to add - we thought we would leave that creative aspect up to you!  We spent time during our recent visit to China designing multicolored nylon and silk tassels to match our mala gemstone strands, and designing and manufacturing matching gemstone guru beads!  Not into malas?  No biggie.  You can still purchase these strands to make all sorts of creations. They are a great way to get an extra long strand of your favorite gemstone round beads... And we believe there can never be too many beads!


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